Online Shopping

We all run out to walmart or sams to buy the stuff what we need, but what many don’t realize is that online shopping these days is where it is at. That is the goal and purpose of onestop. We want you to remember that you can buy most things on Amazon or other services that are similar and you often don’t even have to pay for shipping.

Some of the most frequent categories of online shopping are magazines and news sources, animals, art, home decor products, toiletries, shipping supplies, transportation, garage storage and cleaning products, household items.

Many retailers are practically training their customers to buy online so that they can eliminate the need for more retail locations. However, it sometimes becomes a question of the chicken or the egg. Truthfully, often most people have to have experienced buying at a retailer’s store before they feel comfortable buying online.


I recently needed some specialty lightbulbs and what I found was that although places like Home Depot and Lowes had a large offering, theyu did not have exactly what I needed. The problem I was facing was that I had installed some special lighting in one of my doctor friends offices. The lights were from Lowes and they were beautifuyl, but the problem was that they hung kind of low and the bulbs produced a lot of heat. The patients complained that the rooms were too hot. So, the only thing I could think of was to add LED lights or less wattage lights. I couldn’t find anything other than the standard halogens in the big stores, so I took my search online. I found a company (I think it might have been or something of that nature. I  bought a bunch to try.

Guess what, it worked superbly well. The only downside was that because this online vendor then had my information they would occasionally call me asking me if I wanted to buy more light bulbs. I haven’t had the need. I believe they thought I was a light bulb vendor for the local market and that is why they insisted in calling me frequently to see if I needed to place another order.

Online shopping has truly revolutionized how we do business. I wonder over the next 25 years whether our first choice will be online.

I imagine that it will be dominated by large sites that only work with trustworthy vendors with some kind of Escrow account in place….